Exmoor Oysters
February 23, 2017
Oakmead’s lake in the May sun.
May 4, 2017

Simonsbath Festival 2017

Simonsbath is a small village in the heart of Exmoor and 6 miles from our accommodation ‘Acorn Retreat’. ┬áJust a pretty, quiet little spot mostly with walking trails along the Barle Valley but when the May Simonsbath festival starts – the world arrives. ┬áThe festival programme runs for six weeks with a mix of opera, jazz, classical, a rousing Latin American musical which should set the foot tapping, an ensemble from St Petersburg which is described as ‘intoxicating’. There’s an award winning theatre production ‘Austen’s Women’ which marks Austen’s 200 year anniversary. There are walks and talks, a presentation of James Ravilious’ photos and a pop-up opera. Yipes what more can we wish for in the middle of nowhere. See website for ticket details. www.simonsbathfestival.org.uk